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an elderly couple in baltimore county. >> we have a beautiful weekend coming up but big changes by monday. with we are tracking another storm. the details coming up. >> two homicides in two months, now the liquor board will review the license of a park view bar. why neighbors are having the party. >> cute styles, cute models, the less -- website looks real. >> buyer beware the bridal gown scam that fearly ruined a wedding. >>> we start with a big step forward in the investigation into a murder that shocked a quiet historic neighborhood in baltimore county the peppers were laid to rest. the police had been looking for their grandson and tonight found him. neighbors put up a smallwooden cross outside the home of the peppers. >> we may never know what completely happened. we feel pretty good that we are one step closer to finding out what happened to some loved neighbors. republicanan one step closer because now baltimore county police have located matthew long, the 31-year-old grandson of the pepper who had been living with them. tonight he is in the hospital in oklahoma and county poli
this week. baltimore county police say they consider long to be a suspect in the murders and are waiting to interview him. >> securities on the forefront of baltimore county school employees after two major gun incidents since the school year began. they met today to review the security measures now in place. >> there is no place in our schools for violence. we will make sure that as a school system we do everything possible to maintain safety. >> this video message was posted to the school system's web site. i followed a series of mandatory meetings, meetings where school principals were told to review their crisis plans with teachers. this is all in response to serious gun incidents. the communications director says the review is just one away from helping staff connect with students. >> now what we want to do is make sure that everyone has reviewed this crisis plans. at the beginning of the school year, what you will hear is that people have been doing drills and things like that, so that is good news. >> we must make sure that our schools are environments where students feel they hav
live at police headquarters in towson. >> baltimore county executive kevin kamenetz issuing an order to police to beef up school resource officers at schools all over the county. he will also be issuing those officers metal detecting wands to be used only in suspicious situations. in the meantime, police are trying to figure out how the 13- year-old male suspect got the gun. they are praising his teacher for her bravery. another scare involving a loaded gun at a baltimore county school. this time it was stemmers run middle school. police said tuesday morning in eighth grade, 13-year-old boy entered the school armed with a hunting knife and a 25 semiautomatic pistol, very similar to this one, as shown by police. >> this weapon is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, as large as the self on you have in your pocket right now. >> police say he entered -- at about 9:50 a.m., the student pulled out the gun in the classroom. at the end of the class, he produced the weapon, he first pointed it at his teacher and his classmates, then took the weapon and pointed it at himself
of an inch of rain fell in a brief time in northern baltimore county and down toward baltimore city. that is where the flood warning is in effect until 7:45 this evening. i will have more in the forecast coming up in just of the minutes. >> we are following a developing story on the chesapeake bay. >> rescue workers are scouring the waters looking for missing and boulder. officials say a 27-year-old crew member had been on board the sailing vessel called the links with the female crew member went around 12:30 this afternoon, the boat hit and both of them fellow. since then, the woman has been rescued, and crews are handling the search for the still missing male crew member. now to the big story tonight, a baltimore county woman is dead, her killer is on the run. >>, an open fire at a later that we can party in northeast baltimore on sunday. we are learning the fatal shot was likely intended for someone else. barry simms is live at police headquarters. >> we know that she was engaged to be married. she has a 1-year-old son. she was a 2008 graduate of kenwood high school and worked fo
tonight, securities on the forefront of baltimore county school employees after two major gun incidents since the school year began. they met today to review the security measures now in place. our education reporter is live at school headquarters with more on the meeting. >> the superintendent will be first to tell you these have been trying times for the school system. all the more reason, he says, for people to become more aware of their surroundings. >> the district-wide safety meetings were in response to gun incidents at perry hall high school and stammers run middle school. school principals were also ordered to review school crisis plans already on the books. the school system's communications director says there is a reason why the superintendent is calling for review. >> we want to make sure that people are really paying attention, that teachers are comfortable with their crisis plans, and more importantly, that students are included so that they know what to do in the event of an incident in a school. >> decides to call -- besides the call for more imports, the district plans
sections of baltimore county, and another storm is developing right in town there for baltimore. now have been watching this very, very closely, because flash-flood warning has been in effect for baltimore county and the city of baltimore until 7:45 p.m. they got a lot of heavy rain up there earlier this evening, and it looks like they could get a little bit more with the showers and thunderstorms being very, very persistent right there over baltimore and baltimore county. word on the full forecast coming up. >> want to get back to that part of the story. mentioned trouble in a neighborhood where homeowners are sick of flooding triggered by heavy rains like last night. happened several times so far this year. >>> . >> people spent the better part of this day cleaning up after last night's pounding rainstorm. that includes city workers who have been at it all day and people who owners homes and businesses here. not a day of rest. the home videos posted on youtube tell the story of what's been happening during the severe thunderstorms in the blooming dale section of northwest washington. th
and the baltimore county police have already committed to running additional controls at the schools and making hand-held metal detectors available to school resource officers. the teachers are also being called upon to look for signs of troubled students in their classroom. [ and certainly one facet of it, but it is not the only one. there are students who just don't feel connected. we want teachers to be aware of that and spend some time with that student and find out why they don't feel connected. >> reporter: many of the security enhancements are also outlined in letters schools will send home with students on monday and the superintendent is reaching out to them on a videotaped message on the web site. >> there is no place in our schools for violence. we will make sure that as a school system we do everything possible to maintain safety. >> reporter: the hotline being set up and it will allow people to call in tips anonymously and there is an e-mail or text concerns over potential threats giving them additional means to help protect themselves. abc 2 news. >>> of course every school system has
the beltway to fayette street. megan over to you. >>> baltimore county police and public schools right now say they have a new approach to safety and security on the he's of two gun incidents at baltimore county schools. sherrie johnson is live with more on the security plan. what have you learned. you were speaking early this morning with the school officials on the phone. >> reporter: that's exactly right. baltimore county public schools plan to meet with staff and top educators about the building safety and security plan in a mandatory meeting this morning. the plan is to try to make schools a lot safer. baltimore county's superintendent, he just started july 1st. and he said that he wants to build a larger safety net for security this comes after two major gun incidents at baltimore county schools season the first day of class. in one incident, a teenage gunman shot another in the cafeteria in the high school. and on tuesday, and eighth grade student showed up with a handgun and he threatened his teacher and a class full of students. today's meeting will lay out a new approach to safety an
to determine the exact cause of death. baltimore county police detectives are in oklahoma waiting to interview the grandson of the elderly couple found murdered. he is now named as a suspect. investigators say they learned earlier this week matthew long was in oklahoma. he was living with his grandparents when they were killed. he was missing when police discovered the bodies on monday. according to police, he is undergoing mental treatment at a hospital in oklahoma. >> we entered him into the national missing persons database. he was located in oklahoma. they notified the baltimore police department. our detectives began making preparations to interview him. >> police described the couple's injuries as traumatic but are not saying exactly how they died. the search continues for a suspect after a stabbing at a light rail station. the suspect attempted to take the victims cell phone last night at the westport station in south baltimore. the victim refused and fought back. the fight spilled out onto the platform where the victim was stabbed. the victim was taken to shock trauma with the on-life-
regrets his own behavior. >> meanwhile, baltimore county school officials are said to rollout a new building security plan that will be shared with teachers and top school staff. tim tooten is live in the newsroom with more on the story. you talked about metal detectors being used. is this plan -- >> the school superintendent says he wants to cast the net regarding safety and security. there have been two major gun incidents in baltimore county since the first day of school. one at perry hall high school in the school cafeteria, and just a few days ago, a student showed up with a loaded gun at stemmers run middle school, where he threatened his teacher and a class all of students. school officials have called mandatory meetings with teachers and top staff from across the county to lay out a new approach to safety and security. >> tomorrow there will be information coming out that will help them to not only understand what their role is, but also to help the students understand what their role is. i believe a part of becoming out for the parents as well. >> an updated reporting syste
a... domestic... violence case. baltimore... county... district court judge... "bruce lamdin"... is... not... hearing cases... right now..../ because... he's... under investigation... after... a complainn... filed... by... the... women's ... &p law center...//. an... audio recording.... that... shows... one woman .../ pllading... for... a protective order... from her husband..../ but... showss.. the judge.../ has... no remorse. ((audio recorring)): "i believe he is a threat to the safety and well being of my children and i just finished grad school and i have no means to vacate the house.. and so i need him not to be there... judge response: ma'am there areeshelters." shelters." the hoose of ruth... has now launched ... a... lobby effort... to preveet... lamdin... from being reinstated... / when... his... term's... up... at... the end of this year...///. 4-years-ago... lam-din... was suspended ...without pay... for... 3-monthh.../ because ... of... other comments... he made in court. the 17 year old special
in libya and around the globe. in washington, brian moore, wbal-tv 11 news. >> baltimore county officials are stepping up security after middle school student brought a gun to class and ended at himself and fellow students. the latest on the investigation and how the community is reacting in an update. >> school officials tell us they are increasing their presence of baltimore county schools and the county has ordered 10 hand-held metal detectors for officers to use of their discretion. stemmers run middle school involved a frantic scene involving a 13-year-old classmate tuesday morning. they say in a eighth grader brandished a loaded gun and aimed it at his teacher, fellow classmates, and himself. they credit their teacher with taking away the 25 caliber semi- automatic handgun and diffusing the situation. >> she lunged toward him and smacked it out of his hand in yelledand yelled no. >> baltimore county new superintendent said tuesday's incident coupled with the other shooting has made it new changes in security. >> they will have metal detectors or hand-held once and as they get reason
called in a report of a suspicious person. a baltimore county police spokesman says they found a man and tried to talk to him. they said he was not cooperative and that is when they say he reached for one of the officer'' weapons. baltimore county homicide detectives are investigating but it's not clear how many times the officer fired or how many times he was hit. >> i know that they responded and the subject was uncooperative. it is suspected that the subject is not from this area. the detectives are making an attempt to limit -- to notify the next of kin and locate where he is from. >> police are not releasing the man's name this evening. as for the two officers involved, we are told they are veterans of the force but they are on administrative leave pending an investigation. baltimore county police want anyone with information to give them a call. >> the new england patriots crashed baltimore's hopes for a lombardi trophy, but they square off and ravens fans are hoping for redemption. what are the fans telling you tonight? >> they are very excited about this game. we are set up o
is shot during an attempted robbery in baltimore county. it happened at 1:40 this morning at the speedy mark on hollins ferry road. when the clerk hesitated, police say the suspect shot him twice. the clerk was treated and release. anyone with information is skad -- asked to call the baltimore county police. >>> all right. take a look at the current flash flooding setup. heavy downpours that we see reaching up the i-83 corridor. rain reaching to reisterstown and beyond. this is a significant amount of tropical moisture. this is what was once isaac, now just scattered rain and a tremendous amount of humidity and moisture that will keep headed our way. this will continue for the next several days. we'll talk about when we see the dry weather. that's all straight ahead. >> democracy 2012 news, the gallop pom finds that last week's republican convention had minimal impact. we have a look at what's in store. >> reporter: the party is underway in charlotte. a star studded event featuring james taylor and others, but some may be celebrating too much. two california san diegos celebrated late s
him tooff nile court. >>> two incidents involving a dunn in baltimore county schools. the new superintendent, dallas dance is starting a dialogue with parents. it will be open to you the public, so the remaining meetings will take place september 20th, 23rd and 1st of october. for more information, just check the local news tab and click on baltimore county. >> baltimore county schools did confirm that a rumor was going around at ken wood high school that someone was going to bring a gun to school. they believe it started threw text messages. the school policy is that schools get locked down. officials said the school was not locked downoday. >>> classes were back in session at morgan state. a 19-year-old, who was not a student, was shot in the stomach in the school's student center. the victim was visiting his cousin who is a student. the gunman was not a student. the students headed to class without fear today. >> i think to me they're pretty safe. >> the university said they're not surprised the victim or the accused gunman was able to get on campus without being enrolled.
. that is what state and local lawmakers are saying about a baltimore county business. >> they say it is a detriment to their community. george is live in towns and to explain why. >> on october 1, the county's liquor board will decide if something should be done about a bar that has been the scene of two murders since july. lawmakers blame the bar. >> it is a real problem. >> it has been the scene of two murders in two months. they are joining lawmakers in urging the liquor board to take action against the bar and lounge. >> we're not interested in shutting it down and putting the owner of the business but there should be cooling off period. >> that could mean a suspension or revocation of a liquor license. the latest incident was september 1 when police say a 25 year-old fatally stabbed one of the bouncers who is trying to break up a large bite. county officials say for the past several years, there have been a copious amount of unfortunate issues at tb's including after parties in the parking lot which they say attributes to to much noise and laughter. >> the eni to consider whe
teacher and his classmates. it's the second time in two weeks a teen has showed up at a baltimore county school armed with a gun. gun.megan gilliland is here with more on the immediate changes that willlbe in place this morning as kids head back into school. good morning guys,police say the 13-year old... 8th grade student pullld out a loaded semi automatic handgun at stemmers run middle school yesterday. his teacher smacked it out of his hand and the school immediately went into lockdown. an automated call went out to parents.as you can imagine many parents and students panicked considering it was 9-11 and that just recently an armed student shot a student inside perry hall high school. caiti keener/ concerned sibling 8:53 that's my son phis is my brotter i just broke into tears when i saw him cuz it's just crazy it's just crazy that you have to worry when they go to school. :06dj hamilton25:24 scary it's a sad day bringing a gun to school it's noo funny. funny.police are planning to chhrge the 13-year-old as a juvenile.his grandfather is also facing charges for not securing thh gun tha
and parents. we began lowell melser, live in towson at county police headquarters. >> baltimore county executive kevin kamenetz is not wasting any time with the issuing an executive order to increase patrols at county schools, and to provide doctors with metal detecting wants to use as he called in suspicious situations. police are trying to figure out how this 13-year-old boy got the gun. they are also praising his teacher for bravery. another scare involving a loaded gun at a baltimore county school, this time it was stemmers run middle school in essex. police a tuesday morning, and eighth grade, 13-year-old boy entered the school with a hunting knife and a semi- automatic pistol, similar to this one as shown by police. >> this weapon is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, as large as the cellphone you have in your pocket right now. >> police say at the end of the first period, at around 9:50, the student pulled out the gun in the classroom that had about 25 students and a brave teacher. >> at the end of class, he produced a weapon, he first. at his teacher than his classma
. >>> two gun incidents at baltimore county schools and the action that is being taken to keep students safe. >>> and some people say there's no way they're giving up their dog as family members. but the state's new law has some landlords saying you better get rid of the dog or pack up and move out. thanks for joining us. i'm megan pringle along lynette charles and lauren cook. and we want to say congratulations to the charles crowson family. his new daughter was born yesterday. congratulations to them. >> he's beaming in that picture. and she's adorable. >> she's so tiny. i can't wait to see her in person. >> i know the family has appreciated your comments on facebook. and keep that gorgeous weather coming. >>> weekend looks stellar. we'll see a few more clouds moving in. this morning, 64 in reisterstown an arnold 58 and 56 in ab deal. and -- aberdeen. we're dealing with a little bit of patchy fog this morning in some spots. take it easy as you head out and about. and we look at maryland's most powerful radar. we had a cellar week so far. i think -- stellar week so far. i'm keeping the chan
to contact the maryland state police in bel air. baltimore county police are trying to figure out what type of chemical prompted an evaluation and a park will neighborhood. the honor smelled a strong odor coming from the basement. when the bomb squad entered the home they found some unidentified chemicals in the basement. officials are still trying to determine what the chemicals were but say they are not bomb making or meth-making materials. no criminal charges are pending at this time and remains under investigation. rescue crews are looking for a missing voter. we have new details about that overnight search effort. officials say a 27-year-old crew member had been on board a sailing vessel named phoenix with a 26-year-old female about 2 miles from shore. the boat sits and both of them fell off. the female has been rescued but the mail was last seen wearing a blue shirt, blue shorts, and no life jacket. police and fire crews have assisted in the search and a helicopter is being sent to help look for him overnight. baltimore county police are searching for the armed man who tried to rob a
on thursday. it has a congregation of 10,000 people. new at noon, baltimore county police have arrested a suspect in the murder of an elderly couple. and police say they consider matthew a suspect in the death of his grandparents. they suffered a traumatic injury. he has been found on an oklahoma. we are told he is in a local hospital there. baltimore county detectives have traveled to the state and are waiting to interview him. >> baltimore county police are investigating two separate garage fires. about two hours later, there was another fire in a garage. crews are on the scenes of both fires, trying to determine the cause of both places. mandatory meetings where officials have introduced -- introduced a new safety and security plan for teachers and administrators. administrators are learning more about detecting trouble and reporting suspicious activity. the county teachers association welcomes the new measures. >> tomorrow there will be information coming out that will help them not only to understand what their role is, but to help the students understand what their role is. and i
. baltimore county investigators are also in oklahoma waiting for a chance to interview him. they are not say how he was discovered but say the best is there contacted them very correctly entered him into the national missing nurses database. when he was located in oklahoma on september 11, they notified the baltimore county police department. our detectives began making preparations to go out to interview him. >> he was living in the home of the missing when investigators discovered the bodies. police have described their injuries at dramatic but are not saying how they died or if there are any other people love interest in the case. >> are the texas have been investigating this case since monday evening. -- our detectives have been investigating this case since monday evening. >> the search continues for the man who opened fire on it -- on the campus of morgan state university wednesday. investigators say the 19-year- old victim was visiting his cousin who plays football at the school when he was shot in the stomach. they say he was targeted and is still that a critical condition. authoriti
their homes but the trees are on property that's owned by baltimore county. the county says that it will take care of the trees but the storm was more than two months ago and it has not happened yet. >> somebody is going to get hurt. >> that's a definite possibility. >> i will tell you right now i'm petrified and afraid that the trees will come down. >> the trees behind compass river are more than 100 feet tall, some are already dead. others choked by fast growing ivy. >> it is certainly close enough to hit your house. >> yes. >> especially this one. >> yes. >> this is what the area looked like after the storm back on june 29th. a huge tree came down taking out a power pole and cables and cutting power for more than a week. after that, people that live here say that it wasn't worse. >> eventually they are going to go. i just hope that nobody gets hurt. >> and the trees sit on land owned by baltimore county. we had calls from people on july 23rd. a spokesperson says that at least some of the trees would be coming down in two weeks. july23rd was more than 6 weeks ago. >> i really thought i cod
countdown right here on wbal. a baltimore county executive and the police chief are speaking out about their private-like situation sunday morning. he was blaming the theater owners for licensing the route to a third party and is threatening their liquor license. we've got the latest now from downtown towson. >> witnesses described as a chaotic scene. streets like allegheny street here were mobbed with people. pending the outcome of a police investigation, the county executive says it is possible the theater could go in front of the liquor board to face sanctions. this as area businesses are defending the theater. an active downtown towson towson tuesday afternoon just days after what some called a riot-like situation. this video shows people being chased by police dogs. according to police, around 12:30 on sunday morning, the theater which was hosting a private event reached capacity. when people were turned away, fights broke out and one person and that getting shot. five people have been arrested. police estimate more than 2500 people swelled outside the theater. >> there is nothing
of gladden. >> meanwhile, baltimore county school officials say they are going to roll out a plan aimed at improving school security. jennifer franciotti is live with us. jen, what can we expect from this new plan? >> some answers, and that's what school administrators are hoping to give teachers today. starting this morning, baltimore county schools will conduct a series of mandatory meetings where officials will introduce a new security plan. state edge indicators will communicate more on thousand report suspicious activity. the district might also introduce a new safety tip hot line. the head of the teachers association welcomes those new measures. >> tomorrow there is information that will be coming out that will help them to not only understand what their role is and but also to help the students understand what their role is and i believe a piece will be coming out for the paints as well. >> information on school safety and security for parents should be coming home. >> that brings us to our water cooler question of the day, what steps do you think should be taken to improve schoo
in baltimore county. reporting live at morgan state university, wbal-tv 11 news. >> late breaking details on the road to november elections. mitt romney has revealed more of his tax returns. he earned more than $13 million last year. our coverage of commitment 2012 continues with nicole live in washington. >> campaign officials say that romney got an extension and just filed with the irs today. >> mitt romney pose a tax returns back in the headlines, his campaign releasing them for 2011, showing the nominee earned moret than $13 million. of that, he paid about $2 million in taxes, for a rate of about 14%. he has stepped up his attacks on president obama. >> he said he cannot change washington from the inside. he can only change it from the outside. we will give him that chance in november. he will go outside. >> you cannot change washington just from the inside. you change it from the outside. >> but in virginia, mr. obama offered his own comeback. he sat up and a rally and proudly declared i will get the job done from the inside. what kind of inside job is he talking about? >> a voucher
are saying about a baltimore county business. officials say that establishment is a detriment to the community. 11 news reporter george lennox explains why. >> it's a real problem. >> it's been the scene of two murders in two months. now baltimore county councilman david marks is joining four state lawmakers in urging the county's liquor board to take action against tv's place bar and lounge. >> we're not interested in shutting it down and putting the owner out of business but we think there could be a cooling off period. >> which could mean a suspension of the bar's liquor license. the latest i.n.s. den was september 1st when police say a 25-year-old fatally stabbed one of the bouncers tavares jones who was trying to break up a large fight. county officials say for the past several years there have been, coat, a copius amount of unfortunate amount of issues including after parties in the park lot which they say attributes to too much noise and litter. >> security's the big thing. they need to consider whether they need to close down at an earlier hour. they need to consider w
another baltimore county teen brings a looded gun to school.the immediate changes going into affect today to protect your ids. omg youre so fat fat a bullied bus monitor gets the last laugh.the big reward she jjst got for dealing with bus bullies. and.. the new iphone makes itss big debut today.the features the new version is expected to have. 3 3 world trade center 3 wednesday, september 12tt septembbr 12thwednnsday, september 12th 3 3 3 mapbealir willens295map a 13-year old is taken into custodd... afterrpulling a gun on his teacher and his classmates.it's the second time in two weeks a teen has showed up at a baltimore gun.megan gilliland is here with more on the immediate changes that will be in place this morning as kids head back into school. good morning guys,police say the 13-year old... 8th grade student pulled out a loaded semi automatic handgun att stemmers run middle school yesterday. his teacher smacked it out off his hand and the school immediately went into lockdown. an automated all went out to parents.as you can imagine many parents and student
and baltimore county, a part of carroll county and baltimore county and carroll county getting significant rain just northeast from towson towards the bay, southeastern, there's an area of intense rain and more scattered stuff to the west, parts of montgomery county and frederick county as well and is moving to the east so we could see a few showers this evening but a bigger rain is on the way for sometime early next week and we'll detail that with the weather forecast in a few minutes. >> and now to the race for the white house. we're a few days away from the first debate between barack obama and mitt romney. both candidates are looking for a tense face-to-face showdown and we get the latest -- latest from brian mooar. >> after going to church, mitt romney hunkered down for the first dress rehearsal of the presidential debate. it's an important opportunity to reboot his campaign and reintroduce himself to the american people. >> i think debates matter psychologically to the country and are the most viewed single event in the campaign and i think it's always a burden on the challenger, it isn't
in forecast up next. >>> a wet tuesday will make it a wet wednesday for baltimore county homeowners who live close to the water. i'm cherl connor with a look at the storm. >>> i saw it literally crack and fall on top of the structure. >> if a tree falls on your home would your insurance company hear it or would they still write you a check? news starts right now. >>> outside tonight heavy rain. >> yeah. for the night close your eyes without worrying. our team coverage starts right now with chief meteorologist wyatt ever heart. wyatt. >>> yeah. it was a wild afternoon. we got a lot of rain out there. our main rain is offshore. another little line coming through. this is the front. that is now offshore. this is our severe weather line but this line will bring in just a few more showers before we begin to clear things out. how much wayne so far? almost an inch and a half in balt his or her. inch and three quarters german town. stevens vil almost an inch and a half. multiple damage reports for high winds in howard county. carroll county wind gusts over 60 miles per hour reported there. wide spre
in baltimore county. this morning, investigators call the couple's grandson a suspect in the case. >> long-time resident vaughan and margorie pepper had lived in their neighborhood for 47 years. police believe they were killed two days before they were discovered murdered in their home on monday and they think they found one big piece of the puzzle in their investigation. >> we have located matthew long, the 31-year-old grandson of vaughan and margorie pepper. >> matthew long, the couple's live-in grandson, now suspect in their murder, was discovered in oklahoma where police say he's a hospital being treated for a medical condition. baltimore county investigators are also in oklahoma waiting for a chance to interview him. they explained that investigators there contacted them. >> we entered mr. long into the national missing person's damien database. when he was located in oklahoma, they notified the baltimore county police department. >> long was living in the home but was missing when investigators discovered the pepper's bodies. police have described their injuries as traumatic but are
. well, we have a new accident to tell you about. it's in baltimore county in essex. it's right along the northbound lanes of route 702 at old eastern avenue. and if you are traveling in northwest baltimore, we're also doling with an accident on reisterstown road and northern parkway. congestion is starting to pick up on many of the main lines. as we check in and take a live look outside at the west side of the beltway here at liberty road. inner loop just fine up through pikesville but the outer loop slowing down. that will continue to route 40. here's the beltway in parkville at harford road. no problems on the now heading -- inner loop heading to 95 and the outer loop clear to towson. >>> this morning they are searching for an arsonist who fire bombed two apartment buildings while people were inside sleeping. abc2 news linda so is live this morning in northeast baltimore where the first fire started and linda, what are police doing in the area today? >> reporter: they promised the boost their presence and patrol the area all morning long we've seen police cruisers with their lights
in baltimore county. we're live over one of the worst hit areas at miller's island. >> this is the area of chesapeake avenue down here at miller's island. we will show you a little bit of the road which is flooded out. this is a small taste of what will be going on down here. tonight between 6:00 and 2:00 a.m. is when they have the flood warnings. this is not unusual for the residents of miller's island to be dealing with this. there are no evacuation set up at the present time a baltimore county fire department is prepared to deal with it. >> thank you. more violence in afghanistan today -- a suicide bomber blew up a bus carrying foreign workers near kabul airport. the group behind the attacks as it was in response to an anti- islamic film making its way across the matter -- middle east. >> the suicide bomber appears to have been trolling for any foreigners in kabul in response to an anti a islamic town. the bomb exploded next to a small bus, killing eight south african aviation contractors. the militant group claimed responsibility and said the car bombing was carried out by a 22- yea
in sports. >> amazing is. tonight, people are shocked by the comments made by baltimore county judge to a victim of domestic violence. but next time you'll hear the recording from the courtroom. >> sheriff and thunderstorms on >> sheriff and thunderstorms on the radar tonight, and sababa more county judge is in hot water because of the way he treated -- a baltimore county judges in hot water because of the way he treated a woman in his courtroom. >> jayne miller has details, plus the actual recording of what the judge said in court. >> it was december in a baltimore county courtroom. a 33-year-old woman was seeking protection from her husband. she described to an incident that happened in the woman's white marsh home, that caused her to ask for the husband to be removed from the house. >> 83 me down on the floor and stomped my ribs. my oldest, who is 12 years old, got my phone and he was in the closet with a hammer and cold someone to come get us. >> [indiscernible] people tell me they are scared for their life and then they stay in this situation. >> he made clear he was reluctant t
... being worked on... by... the baltimore county school distric/ district...//. it comes on the heels of two separate incidents involving students bringing a gun to school. school. crime and justice reporter joy lepola takes finds out what's in this new plan. earlier this week, you heard how police presence was to be beefed up inside baltimore county schools. and how many officers will now be armed with hand held metal detectors should they need them. we've also just learned of plaas to estabish a hotllne that students could call should they learn of a viollnt plot being orchestrated. students could make those ccll anonymously. a video is being produced by the superintendent. in it he addresses the school systems revised security plan. teachers have been told they will receive dditional trainin. training. just this week, an 8th grader showed up at stemmerssrun middle school witt a loaded handgun threatening to shoot his teacher and classmates. at student was shot on the first day of school in the school's cafeteria. in both cases it was a staff member who got the w
into a baltimore county school. what's being done to make sure your kids are safe while in the classroom. they thought the rec centers would be closed for good but baltimore city council president proposing an aidea to keep those sent -- an idea to keep the centers open many and total transformation. students at three local schools are going to have brand new libraries to study and hang out in. we will tell you what's so special as the first one is unveiled. thanks for joining us on this wednesday morning. i am megan pringle alongside lynette charles and there's a big celebration going on as the library opens so people will want to know how to dress and lauren cook manning the roads. now is a good time to leave. >> reporter: yes, we have little trouble on the jfx. so i will have more coming up in a bit. >> all right. right now the story is the fog. >> yes. we have the patchy fog and north and west you go. so patchy in nature. being careful. also, take the jacket again this morning. we are chilly. look at clarksville at 51 degrees. once again the temperatures in the low to upper 50s. we s
or suspect yet. &pbaltimore county bars leave - two men dead. early saturday mmrning... átavares jonesá an employee at átee bee's placeá on darlington drive and oakleigh road was stabbed multiple times after breaking up a fight iiside the bar. police are still searching foo suspects. ann around 2-am police were called to the scene on eastern boulevard near rolling mill road where áddrryl llvellette jr.á was stabbed to death in aaparking lot nexx to ásinix bará. the suspect in this case has beenn arrested. city fire investtgators are stiil trying to find outwhat caused a fire that killed an east baltimore woman.it happened last night ...n the 22-hundred blockof east north avenue. that's where john rydell has spoken with neighbors...to learn more... 3 3 3 3 (rydell) "neighbors here on east north avenue are still phhken by what happened here less than 24 hours ago, s you can see, the clean-up is still far from over, neighbors are trying to do what they can and everyone in this blocc is fondly remembering the elderly victim.""it was just chaos you know, i never saw nothing liie tha
that was arrested. >>> getting angry behind the wheel. baltimore county police say a woman lost her cool and went too far. those storys are straight ahead. it's september 18th. i'm megan pringle, thank you for joining us. charley crowson is off today. lirn lynette charles is here, busy with the weather. >> we will get to that in a moment. loren cook has been watching the roads. >>> the rain is leading to several accidents. a hectic commute s. it going to stick around? >> it's moving out. we will get a break and another round once the cold front moves through this afternoon and this evening and a chance for severe weather to pop up in the picture. on maryland's most powerful radar, this is the break across the area. we can see around central maryland, drying out. if you are traveling towards the west, western maryland, hagerstown, cumberland, heaven to moderate rain across the area, we will get next round in to the afternoon. pennsylvania is on the wet side this morning as well. if your travels are taking you to the north, be prepared for that. we are on the mild side coming in 66 degrees, frederi
. problems per sift in baltimore county where -- persist in baltimore county on paper mill road at cooper road. traveling on 73 -- 83 as we look live in hunt valley, notice everything is up to speed at shawan road and will remain nice and clear traveling down to 695 and get on the jfx heading into city. traffic is starting to pick up on 695. looking live here in overl-ea at bel air road. expect a little congest jest towards towson. now over to you.>>> a rash of burglaries have some in a community changing their reteens. 15 burglaries in three weeks. police are frustrated and neighbors are concerned. sherrie johnson has more and do police have a suspect in this. >> reporter: so far nothing yet but they think it's someone familiar with the area with 15 burglaries in three weeks folks in the boulevard park neighborhood are on the lookout. the community is off mountain road. people say aid quiet and crime free area until now. now some of them didn't lock their doors over the last few weeks things are changeed. police believe the same person committed the burglaries. officers say it's someone
this happens everywhere. >> reporter: as baltimore county police point out as they are often quick to do, they do not believe it is a random murder. they offered that aassurance but no concrete reason as to why. detectives say the grandson may know something but he is missing. investigators are interested in talking with him but stop short of defining that level of interest. >> it's preliminary to say whether he was a person of interest. >> it would be of interest to neighbors wondering why police believe this was targeted and who in their right mind would murder an elderly couple. in pikesville, abc2 news. >> a double shooting sent two men to the hospital. one victim was shot in the back. the other man was shot in the head and the back and flown to shock trauma in critical condition. there were more than 20 bullet casings around the crime scene. some of those who live in the community say they still feel safe to live there. >> i'm sorry that it happened, but i don't think that would be a regular thing that's going on in east port. i really don't. >> police said neither man lived in that
reported. >> thank you. should metal detectors be installed at baltimore county schools? that is one question facing administration a day after an eighth grader bought a loaded handgun into school and pointed it at classmates. school officials will be given hand-held wands if necessary. >> what i said is that there have been several school incidents around our country where metal detectors have been in place and it did not stop the crime from happening. >> the 15-year-old accused of shooting a student on the first day of class could be released on bail tomorrow. robert is set to appear at baltimore county circuit court. a previous hearing was postponed, because he was undergoing a mental health investigation. >> tonight, a suspect is recovering after he was shot by police in baltimore county. an officer spotted the car around 11:30 this morning. when the officer approached the vehicle, the driver took off toward the police officer, who then opened fire. the car and suspect were found in a parking lot. >> police are investigating a pay -- a case of a man breaking into an elderly woman
, no delays but the roads are going to be slick. that will be the case in baltimore county. a live look at the harrisburg expressway, knot way, north of the beltway. an 1 minute ride, traveling southbound from 695, all the way downtown to east fayette street. the beltway, no delays from parkville, up towards towson, the west side, that will remain clear. no problems traveling that outer loop from 795, towards 95, you are looking at an 11 minute ride. meagan, over to you. >>> the chicago teachers strike still on after both sides appeared headed to a resolution at the end of last week, now it turns out, mayor rob emmanuel is appealing to ends the strike. activists are supporting the chicago teachers. sherrie johnson is live this morning with what is happening in our area. >> reporter: a group of activists will be coming out here this afternoon, right here at the intersection of cold spring and falls road in front of western high school. basically, they will hit the picket line, after that, they will have a news conference, talking about their show of support for chicago teachers. they wan
... at theewrong . stop. 4-year-old jaden is a pre-k baltimore county student at campfield elementary learning center. someone at the school put him on the wrong bus yesterday. he was suppose to be delivered o his daycare center, less than a mile aaay from the school. dropped off at the bonnie away..../ jaden used the good samarittn's cell phone to alert his father. 3 3 "he just kept saying the bus is gone, the bus is gone. so, i said i'm on my way to get youuand i hung up. so, i'm thinking he's at the daycare. so, i'm calling the daycare provider to tell her have him ready, i'm on the way and the guy answered.. so, i'm like what's going on. he said i, well, i have your son.. he's in my apartment, scared to death. .i didn't know what's going on.." baltimore county schools... are investigating.. family,... friends and baltimorians everywhere... continue to mourn the passing of former ravens owner art modell. modell.according to reports modell passed away at johnn had been admitted on wednesday for unknown reasons.his cause of death is noo known at this t
county crab house.. that is a landmark in the dundalk neighbo. for the baltimore county fire department says an employee of ross' crab house noticed a fire in the restaurant's basement at abbut 7:30 sunday night. six employees and 15 custommrs who were in the place... safely got out. and a fire engine that was a block later.firefighters were able e - tt contain it.. the cause of the fire was not immediately known. one firefighter was treated for elevaaed blood pressure. a 22-year old woman is shot east baltimore.this morning... the unman. shot in the chesttearly yesterday morning... while a house on the alameda near f - richnor avenue. police don'tt think amos was the intended taaget...but they're not saying anything about a motive or suspect yet. two stabbings at two different baltimore county bars leave two men dead over the weekend. early saturday morning... tavares jones... aa employee at átee bee's placeá on darlington drive and oakleigh road was stabbed several times after breaking up a fight inside the bar. police are still searching for suspects in that stabbing.the s
baltimore county public school administrators are set to share ideas with top school officials about building a safety security plan in a mandatory meeting. the superintendent said it wants to beef up security and safety in the schools. this comes after two gun incidents at baltimore county school since the first day of class. in one incident, a student was shot in perryville high school. and on tuesday, a student showed up with a handgun where police said that he threatened a teacher owner students. today the leaders will lay out a safety plan and they will help the teachers and the students to understand their role in the plan. to be aware of your surroundings. if you see something, say something. and they'll have an updated support systemtor staff and students -- system for staff and students and that includes an anonymous tip line. they hope to hire a security director. and the superintendent will have a little video on the county school's website talking about the security and safety plan. reporting live in towson, sherrie johnson, "abc 2 news." >>> students and staff at prince
parks...and i'm jeff barnda... baltimore county man... comes under attack after... leaving a community... meeting! myranda stephen is in the idlewylde neighboohood with what apparentlyyset off the attack.......and how people in the neighborhood... fought back back man had just left a meeting wednesday night here at the idlewylde community association hall... when police say a run-in with strangers... landed him in the hospital! ((take vo)) investigators say the man was walling down beechwood road near saint albans road - when he shouted to the driver of a car that sped past him to "slow down!"the car then came to a stop and four people got out!two of them - then started beating the man up! the victim told police the suspects were in a nissan. as it turns out - a woman reported seeing a suspicious nissan on verbrook road. investigators then connected the dots... and found the stolen car utside one of the suspects' home! ((sot))2256 it juus ssowed up out of nowhere one day and they were like just kinda being sketchy about it they would stand by it a lot and it was good tha
coiming up in sports, in just a few minutes. a baltimore county comesticc surgery center... already closed when a patient dies after a procedure... is under investigaaionnon new allegations.that's nee on fox 45 news at 5:33. 3 "give us a break, stop sign cameras that's out of the question...give s a break." break."speed cameras are one thing... but drivers are not tto happy about the possibility of stop sign cameras.where you need to watch out. and coming up later... it's the most saught after phone on the market... but consumers will have to wait longer than expected to get the new i- phone 5. 3 --adblib weather tz-- forensic tests show hat george zimmerman's was the only d-n-a that could be identified on the grip and the holster of the gun used to fatally shoot 17- year- old trayvon martin.the results rule out martin's d-n-a from being on the gun's grip. zimmerman is charged with secondd degree murder for fftally shooting martin during a confrontation, but claims t marttn was on too him when he grabbed zimmerman's gun from his holster. tensions are high in new york... after security t
- year veteean. he's been placed on routine admmnstrative baltimore county police need your helppideetifying two men who robbed 77elevvn store last month. these are surveillaace photos from august 2nd at the store n pleasaat plains rood in towson. police say the men asked for cigarettes, then refused to pay. one suspect then climbed over the counter and stole moneyyfrom the register. the... baltimore county ...liquor poard ... scheddled... a hearing... ffr... the... recher theatre... charity fundraiier... got out hand.you--tube... videe... shows the unruly crowd ...on... york road... saturray night.../ after... bbing... turned awayy... from... a... rivate event... hosted by... a... were ...called... to... clear the crowd ... of... more than... people.... fightss.. broke ouu... and... several people... were arrested...//. a... hearing... is... set for....next month. .../ the... theater... could bee fined... and... potentially loseeits liquor llcense. 3homicide detectives are investigating the ddscovery of a body in the inner harbor...
right, stan. starting this morning baltimore county schools will conduct a series of mandatory meetings where a new security plan will be introduced. they will discuss how to go about reporting suspicious activity and introduce a new anonymous safety tip line. the teachers welcome these new measures. >> tomorrow there is information coming out that will help them to not only understand what their role is but also to help the students understand what their role is, and i believe a piece will be coming out for the parents as well. >> we're told the parents and their safety and security will have information coming it out. >> that brings us to our water cooler question of the day, what steps do you think should be taken to improve school safety? send us your responses to watercooler@wbaltv.com. >> 56 degrees at the airport at 5:70. >> negotiation, could talking lead to action? >> and several people are dead after a car plows into their bus stop. a possible look into the crash. >> and very light traffic right now. weather and traffic when we come back. from the first hands-free system, and
at this stop are being redirected to another stop. metro service is not affected. >> all baltimore county cosmetic surgery center is temporarily shut down while state health officials investigate severe infections that killed one patient. the health department says that three liposuction patients were hospitalized with severe cases group a strep. the procedures were performed between mid-august and mid- september. two patients have been released from the hospital, but the third died. >> we have had three people come down with the same type of bacterial infection. >> the state health department says that the cosmetic surgery centers and not currently licensed by the state of maryland. in response to the investigation, the company released the following statement -- "we have been in business for eight years and has successfully conformed thousands of complication-free surgeries by licensed health professionals." they say that the origin of the suspected infections is being carefully investigated. baltimore county police have officially charged a man with killing his grandparents and signed
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